Lightning Protection Essentials: <br />An Expert Seminar on Concepts, Design and International Standards March 2012

Lightning Protection Essentials:
An Expert Seminar on Concepts, Design and International Standards March 2012

Yangon, Myanmar – More than 100 participants from academics, engineers to consultants gathered at the Myanmar Engineering Society (MES) for an expert seminar exclusively organised by Mun Hean Myanmar.

The impending growth of Myanmar’s economy is no longer a secret given the country’s recent drive for political and economic reforms. As international trade embargos are being lifted, Myanmar promises to break new heights as an up-and-coming marketplace. To promote international trade, strong emphasis is being placed on building the country’s infrastructure; from electrical supply, transportation to telecommunication. Part of this movement calls for local authorities and consultants to develop standards and frameworks to guide this development.

Mun Hean Myanmar Representative office was set up in 2011 to establish a local presence to work with the local authorities such as Myanmar Electric Power Enterprise (MEPE) and consultants. Mun Hean was approved as an authorised supplier to MEPE after passing through the latter’s stringent approval process. In March 2012, an expert seminar titled “Lightning Protection Essentials: Concepts, Design and International Standards” was organised that attracted more than 100 participants from members of Myanmar Engineering Society, Lecturers from Yangon Technological University, consultants from MEPE Test Lab, Ministry of Industry – renewable energy department, Experts from the Meteorological Department, Architects, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

The seminar was a two-part event. The first part was presented by Mr Kevin Neo from Mun Hean Singapore, on the topic “Lightning Concepts and International Standards.” Mr Neo shared his expert knowledge about lightning forming and explained at length about the lightning protection standards in accordance with NFC 17 120 and IEC 62 305. The second part, “Lightning Protection Solutions” was presented by Ms Wit Yi Toe, Senior Manager of Mun Hean Myanmar Rep Office, who explained how direct and indirect lightning protection are accomplished. The highlight of the seminar was the case-study presentation of the application of French-based, Helita E.S.E Lightning Protection solutions in notable reference projects around the world. Also, was the presentation of Hakel Surge Protection Devices are designed in tandem to provide the complete lightning protection solution.

The significance of the event was captured by the coverage of Skynet, Myanmar’s mainstream TV broadcaster with a special interview of Mun Hean Myanmar’s Engineer, Mr Aung Bo Bo, as well as interview of consultants from the Ministry of Industry. Mun Hean is proud to be part of this momentous event and is particularly grateful by the overwhelming turnout at the event. In response to the support from this emerging market, Mun Hean is making plans to organise further expert seminars for 2012 to cover topics such as Power Quality Solutions and Power Management.

Ms Wit Yi Toe opening the Seminar
Mr Kevin Neo presenting the formation of lightning
Participants from MES, MEPE, Ministry of Industry, Meteorological Dept,Consultants and Engineers
Q & A Session
Interview by Skynet, Myanmar’s mainstream TV broadcaster
Product show at the back of the Seminar
The Mun Hean Myanmar Team